a parade does not begin till all the troops are assembled," said the

Princess Mary was sitting on the sofa in her room, holding the weeping

ridiculous, and she moved on almost fainting from excitement and trying

to your ex... len... len... lency!" and again all became silent. At

"He wants to see a battle," said Zherkov to Bolkonski, pointing to the

The servant brought back his tumbler turned upside down, * with an

draped from side to side of the streets, with huge monograms A and N. In

without knowing its cause--was such as to remind one still more of the

was going home to Voronezh and Rostov persuaded him to travel with him

accompanied by a Cossack with spare horses.

fathers of the Society of Jesus?"


nuisance to everybody, that snub-nosed Petya with his merry black eyes

recalled Petya's words. And the Cossacks looked round in surprise at the

eldest princess at the door asking whether she might come in.

smile on his lips change.

began to fall. Prince Andrew turned away and began pacing the room.

now?" This question suddenly presented itself to her, and in answer she

Bonaparte. Rostov was therefore unpleasantly struck by the presence of

"He writes about this war," said the prince, with the ironic smile that

the ram that was fattened. Even if they do not know for what purpose


stone of the gate and upon the wooden beams and screens, and two

without asking Napoleon and issued orders where and in what direction to

little man with a condescending and good-natured smile. "Les francais

They all raised their heads to listen, and out of the forest into the

mass because the spirit of the army had so fallen that only the mass

as in a spoiled child, a continual consciousness of her charming defect,

followed by a ball flying past and striking the earth, a man, a gun, a


October. Its first period had passed: when the partisans themselves,

father, Mary, and Natasha, than he had then. He understood it

God. Formerly he had sought Him in aims he set himself. That search for

imagined himself to be Napoleon in person and to have just effected the

dissatisfied with the government on account of his own disappointments

"I think I may congratulate you," whispered Anna Pavlovna to the old

is Spain, where there are also many churches and monasteries."

suddenly seemed to him dull and tiresome, and he experienced an

untruth. A fine lad, a fine lad!" repeated Nicholas, who at heart was

"We'll try to," replied Berg, touching a pawn and then removing his

family, was the most gifted with a capacity to feel any shades of

greater part of the enemy's opened out from this battery. Just facing

At the men's end of the table the talk grew more and more animated. The

"Nicholas, have you come? Come here, dear!" called the old countess from

Besides a feeling of aloofness from everybody Natasha was feeling a

Before he had solved that point he glanced again at her face filled with

so said the youths and maidens themselves as they danced till they were

father or at Natasha.

terrible. There in that enormous, illuminated theater where the bare-

"That's it. Come on!... I was sure of it," began "Uncle." (He was a

to Tikhon he asked about me twice. He wanted to see me, and I was

Every house in Mozhaysk had soldiers quartered in it, and at the hostel

greatness, and again--as a horse walking a treadmill thinks it is doing

vestibule to inform Kutuzov, who was waiting in the hall porter's little

her father, noticed his silence, and was struck by the fact that her

Freemasonry is the best expression of the best, the eternal, aspects of

simple note with an order from Kutuzov, and received at night, breaking

had long wished to have this happiness--ever since the Naryshkins' ball

He filled the girls' albums with verses and music, and having at last

howitzers of Dessaix's and Friant's divisions, will move forward, open

And really he only ran a few steps alone. One soldier moved and then

"All right. They are good fellows. And how have you wriggled onto the

in me, but I and Russia have a right to expect from you all the zeal,

"That was a real battle," said an old soldier. "It's the only one worth

have felt myself, a part of that vast invisible chain the beginning of

transparent drops which fell on the freshly fallen leaves. The earth in

closed their eyes. At the same instant they heard a report and

and began translating for him, hardly able to keep pace with Pfuel, who

There were masses of wealth and there seemed no end to it. All around

in its progress and tried to explain his own conception of it to her,

to be conscious. He did not like to agree with him in everything and

In consequence of this battle Kutuzov received a diamond decoration, and

"Your excellency! Your excellency! Your excellency!" he kept repeating

exception to the rule of not receiving bachelors in his house.

The officers laughed.

vainly suffered all the dread that precedes a battle and had spent that

eyes, and then quickly went to his place and sat down. "Sit down, sit

this way, but posterity and history have acclaimed Napoleon as grand,

Now all these men were replaced by Speranski on the civil side, and

I once let myself see her I should not have strength to go on refusing

sincerity--not as a future Mason but as an honest man: have you

rapid retreat. Austrian troops that had escaped capture at Ulm and had

and shining eyes and prayed God to help her.

to God, while cruel, useless, harmful persons, or such as are a burden

"You don't seem to be used to riding, Count?" remarked the adjutant.

continued Rapp. "The wine is drawn and must be drunk."

"What people are these?" he shouted to the men, who were moving singly

"Why are they leaving the town?" asked Alpatych.

find the true path out of the labyrinth of lies!

It was taking place at the English Club and someone near and dear to him

French, searching for food, killed one another, sacked their own stores,

but who for that very reason appear to be the warmest partisans. Hardly

cry and kissed again. Mademoiselle Bourienne also began to cry. Prince

possibility and rendered it not only difficult but impossible for the

"You always find something to do, but I can't," said Natasha. "And

of death. He consoled himself with the thought that he fulfilled another

silently doing something to this man's other, gory leg. When he had

with their management and embezzlement of money, some after their first

had a shivering fit. Marya Dmitrievna put a pillow under her head,

received from the commander-in-chief of Moscow, via Yaroslavl, the sad

"No, he's not dead--it's impossible!" she told herself and approached

The old princess came in and also wept. The elderly lady was using her

longed to kiss his father's hands and kneel to beg his forgiveness, but

Petersburg a vast civil conflict was in preparation, the commander in

as if running a sword through an invisible foe, and glaring savagely

Princess Mary nodded her head, weeping.

"Oh nothing, only a trifle," said Natasha, smilingly still more

given that they should find in them the help and protection due to their

"Natasha, Natasha!" came Countess Mary's frightened whisper from the

was all over; but he said in an indifferent tone:

This little dog lived in their shed, sleeping beside Karataev at night;

daughter's future married happiness, "he writes that he won't come

down! What?..." said Rostov, waking up. At the moment he opened his eyes

was vexed with himself for having stayed.

man who values his honor, perhaps too hastily, but we won't go into

Though not much time had passed since Prince Andrew had left Russia, he